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    Five practices a week, Monday-Friday, that align with blog topics from that week. A blog about awareness may have practice that looks like this:

  • Daily Affirmation

    Today I am deliberate in seeking the kind of beauty that stuns me into silence.

  • Daily Question/Practice

    Feast your eyes on one thing today that is so beautiful it silences the world around you. It may be a landscape, a dew laden spider web, or the red cheeks of your child coming in from outdoors. Let the beauty settle around you and just say “thank you.”

  • Daily Re-affirmation & Committment

    Today I am deliberate in seeking the kind of beauty that stuns me into silence because the beauty I see is equivalent to my ability to appreciate it.


    So many life changing benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Simplifying What Matters Most

  • Enhanced Capacity to Give and Receive Gratitude

  • Overwhelming Abundance That Comes from Loving More Fully

  • Effortless Daily Commitment to Personal Growth

  • Why Give a Gift Livit Subscription?

    We believe that we can remind your family members, friends, or business associates of things they already know, bring to them perceptions they may have missed, and urge them to take certain actions so they can step into the prosperity and security that is a natural part of their personal growth.

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  • I love these. They are absolutely perfect. Sometimes all I have time to do is read them and it still changes my whole day.
    Katy Anquetil
  • Such a welcome email in my inbox every day! It's my reminder to take a deep breath and ponder the wisdom offered of living in the moment ... The daily Livits help me work toward balance and focus on the most important details of life as they present themselves. I recommend the daily Livits to anyone seeking to explore an intentional life.
    Kathy Matulys

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW MUCH TIME WILL THEY NEED TO SPEND EACH DAY? They can spend as little or as much time as they like. We know if they spend just two minutes a day being intentional, their life will change dramatically. Sometimes all they will have time for is reading the affirmation, and sometimes they will want to really dive in. How much or how little is about them and how they are feeling any given day.

IS THERE A SEQUENCE TO THE DAILY LIVITS? WHAT IF THEY FALL BEHIND? The Livits are not sequential but they are thematic. They are related to the blog content for the week but the exercises can be completed without reading the blogs. There is no way to fall behind or miss anything because it is all about inspired action.

  • I love the way you are looking at life. When you think about NOW that’s all there really is. We have our memories and we have our aspirations and hopes but these are just figments of our imagination, thoughts. So many people live in the world that their mind creates instead of appreciating what is in front of them NOW. It’s good to stop the continuous flow of thought once in a while and appreciate NOW. Everything that has come before has led us to this moment – NOW.
    Tom Ockuly

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