Get an Expert Real Estate Professional

Get Expert AdviceAs Senior Partner at Northwest Referral Resources Inc., I can facilitate some of the most deliberate decisions people make … Buying or selling a home.

Prior to leaving on our Livology journey over two years ago, I ran my own real estate business for more than a decade.

While traveling through 22 countries with my family, I have gradually realized my professional dream of building a 100% referral based real estate business. The break from the day to day, combined with the global perspective I have gained through travel, has given me the time to create a powerful system for finding the best real estate professionals to meet your needs in any market world wide.

How to Find a Real Estate Broker

Even experienced buyers and sellers don’t always know how to find a real estate agent in today’s competitive markets. Usually, referrals from friends and family are the best way. But that’s not always the best option. I can help relieve the pressure if you like more than one option.

With over 12 years of real estate experience in multiple markets, I have developed a strong network of agents in Puget Sound, around the U.S., and abroad. I can be both your real estate ‘matchmaker’ and trusted advisor.

Get an Expert Who Will Work Hard for You

Thanks to Louis … He proved to be a most valuable asset — thanks to your recommendation, of course.  ~Kevin Cullen

Let me put my extensive knowledge and contacts to work for you. I can systematically identify local real estate agents, interview them, and determine which one’s are the best fit for you. 

I will send you top-performing agents in your area who can help you save money when buying or selling a home. Tell me about your real estate needs and I will contact you within 24 hours.

The best part is it’s free Click Here to read more about my services.

I would like to (choose one or both)

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